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Green Healing is made up of a team of holistically minded individuals dedicated to the ongoing research of the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes. Combined, our team hold various internationally recognised degrees in areas of permaculture, medicine, science and biology.


Having personal relationships with research teams at universities around the world has provided Green Healing the advantage of experiencing first-hand the effects of thousands of different formulations, and the ability to study the data behind them. Results gathered from these formulations over many years is ultimately what has developed our passion for advocating the Cannabis Plant as

'Earth's Healing Gift'.

Our in-depth understanding of the science behind the Endocannabinoid System (found within the bodies of all mammals) is paramount in the development of all Green Healing products.


Growing, developing, and extracting our formulations with a 0% negative impact on the earth is a priority for Green Healing.


Being able to successfully treat so many different ailments as a result of our combined knowledge and expertise is what drives us.


One of us is always ready to answer any questions you may via our live chat facility.